LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A gas station worker in northern Ohio called 911, after a "vicious monkey" was spotted running loose in the parking lot.

Workers at the Marathon in Braceville called for help, after a truck driver told them about the monkey.

Employee Jessica Richardson didn't believe it, when the trucker told them about the animal. "I thought they were joking around with me," she said.

Once they spotted the money, Richardson says she tried unsuccessfully to entice Teeko the monkey with a banana.

"As the owner came up the monkey seen him. And the monkey took off this direction behind the red and blue truck and the owner chased him all the way back around the parking lot."

The chase was caught on surveillance cameras, as Teeko ran past the fuel pumps with the owner following behind.

"I was shocked like I thought the monkey might come up to somebody or get taken or we have huge semi's driving through here all the time I was like what if a semi accidentally hit it," Richardson said.

Teeko's owner, Anthony Thomas, says the monkey got loose the night before. He and his friends went out looking for him and finally spotted him at the gas station.

"I'm sure he was very nervous and uneasy. He's never been out. He's stayed in the cage past dark, but he's never been out all night long," Thomas explained.

Teeko is back home, but the gas station was still buzzing about the "vicious monkey."

"Everybody that's came in is like did you guys see the monkey?" said Richardson.

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