Woman looks fatigued near laptop

Feeling fatigued during extended work from home? You're hardly alone, a new report claims. (iStock)

(FOX NEWS) -- We’ve baked bread, walked outside and indulged in a little online shopping -- but many Americans are still feeling burnt out from working remotely during the coronavirus health crisis, a new study claims.

Fox News reports the boundaries of work and home blurred for millions of people after the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a national emergency in mid-March, and companies shifted to virtual operations seemingly overnight. Though daily life has slowed for those sticking closer to home, more than 50 percent of Americans polled feel fatigued from their indefinite WFH lifestyle, according to a recent survey by employment site Monster.

Furthermore, 52 percent of participants said that they do not plan to take any time off, despite feeling overworked and stressed. Even so, some employees are said to be spending more time on the clock than ever; virtual private network service provider NordVPN Teams said that workers in the U.S. have been spending an average of three additional hours at their computer per day, per the report.

Though it remains unclear when office workers across the country will march back into their places of work once again, psychologist Dr. Kimberly Atkins said it’s critical not to panic while navigating these unchartered waters.

“What I am seeing is, people are experiencing anxieties. When will I return back from work? How long will I be working from [home] and if we do return to work, how will we be practicing social distancing?” Atkins told Fox 13, commenting on the findings of the Monster study.

“Be grateful you are working. Let gratitude rule over some of those anxieties and unanswered questions you have at the moment,” she continued. “Another thing, have a social support. Talk to someone, talk to a therapist and let them know some of your anxieties. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions to supervisors, managers and even co-workers.”

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