Tennessee woman posts video warning people not to wear leggings as pants

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Tennessee woman has a PSA for those who plan to wear leggings this winter.

Jamie Higdon Randolph of Cleveland, Tennessee posted a video to Facebook, warning people not to wear leggings as pants.

She wants everyone to know that "leggins definitely ‘ain’t pants."  ‘Some of you people like to use? leggins’ as britches, as pants-pants,’ she explains. ‘That ain’t how they’re supposed to be worn.’

Randolph goes on: ‘If you can’t wear a shirt that covers your tail so I can’t tell you got some Aztec-print thongs on, you don’t need to be wearing ’em.’ That’s rule number one.

The video has one viral with more than 12 million views. Randolph ended the two-minute rant with a simple statement: "Don't do it. You're welcome."

To watch the entire rant, CLICK HERE

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