(FOX NEWS) -- 2020 was a confusing time. And nowhere is that more apparent than in some culinary creations people came up with this year.

Below are some of the most outrageous -- or just downright (unappetizingly) odd -- food mash-ups that debuted in our realm of reality of 2020.

McDonald’s Oreo x Spam

Milk's favorite cookie got a meaty twist at McDonald's China, which will soon be releasing a limited-time burger made with Spam and topped with crushed Oreos. According to a report by someone who also doesn't want to eat it, the offering will have two slices of Spam topped with a layer of the cookie and mayo.

The 'King's Hand'

Regal appendages, anyone? For those who like their salad a bit on the sweet side -- say with M&M's and cookie dough -- this unusual confection consists of a "hollow hand made of M&M cookie" which is then "filled with Greek salad," according to the Twitter user who literally dreamed up this meal and then brought it to reality.

Burger King's Chocolate Whopper

Another sweet-and-savory concoction came from the minds of Burger King Taiwan, which debuted its chocolate-topped hamburger -- literally just a Whopper topped with Hershey's chocolate syrup -- to hungry guests in September.

Taco Bell's Jalapeno Noir wine

How many sleepless nights have you suffered these many years, tossing and turning because your favorite fast food joint doesn't offer the proper mid-range wine to complement the salty and saltier flavors? Well, Taco Bell Canada has finally fixed this problem with a $25 bottle of red meant to be paired with its Toasted Cheesy Chalupa.

Tuna salad sandwich with Splenda

Sure, everyone has their own ritual at Subway -- little of everything, no tomatoes, etc. -- but apparently some orders are so odd, they needed to be immortalized in a Reddit thread. Among the strangest requests a Subway sandwich artist has ever received was from a man wanting a tuna sandwich, but with "extra extra pickles and sprinkle 2 Splenda packages on top." Yum.

Heinz' Creamz ice cream

You scream, I scream, we all scream to stay away from this ice cream. Heinz, best known for its ketchup and other condiments, decided to dip its toe -- or scoop, rather -- into the ice cream scene this summer, introducing a variety of ice cream "kits" all flavored around its beloved dips, like BBQ, MayoChup, ketchup and more.


Rarely does a food hit the trifecta of sweet, salty and shocking. But this doughnut-hole-stuffed Thanksgiving turkey with coffee gravy manages to do just that. The sprinkle-covered meat treat received new interest this season, even though it debuted in 2010.

Pepsi's Cocoa Cola

Though it technically won't debut until 2021, Pepsi's newest bubbly beverage -- which is sweetened with classic holiday flavors like chocolate, marshmallows and overindulgence -- still gets an honorable mention for its strange flavor combinations.

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