Alea with his Yorkie

Karen Alea via Twitter.

(FOX NEWS) -- Cheers to this charming birthday boy. 

A 90-year-old man recently requested that photos from an impromptu photo shoot be shared to social media in honor of his big day -- and Twitter users say they're moved by the sweet series.

"My father turned 90 and wanted to do a photo shoot to be posted on social media even though he isn't on it," Twitter user Karen Alea explained last week, in a post that's gone viral with over 677,000 likes.

In three cute photos, the birthday boy posed with a piano and hugged his Yorkie. Alea revealed that his dog is named Delilah, his favorite album is Tony Bennet with Lady Gaga, and his favorite books are by John Grisham.

"Can't wait to make a book for him with these wishes!" she said of the hype, at 11,000 comments strong. Nice notes poured in from around the world, even inspiring a Disney-like doodle. One fan praised the pictures as the "most wholesome post on the internet."

From there, Alea said her brother explained to their father just how far and wide his birthday bulletin went -- adding that her dad was proud to make an impact during this trying time.

"My dad told me he knows people are depressed and he's so happy to make people smile, even for just a minute," she wrote.

To her surprise, even Bennett wished her father a happy birthday.

"This will mean the world to him," Alea told the crooner.

Inspired, other Twitter users posted photos of their special elderly loved ones, on birthdays and ordinary days alike. Some shared similar shots with dogs, while others playfully tried to set Alea's father up.

As for what's next, Alea said the family wouldn't be seeking any more attention following the overnight hype for her father's 90th.

"Thank you, everyone! There won't be an Instagram or, [Lord] help us, TikTok for my dad," she wrote in a follow-up post. "Just enjoy it for what is."

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