Diamond Foxxx

Diamond Foxxx

(FOX NEWS) -- A West Point cadet tried to raise money online to cover the travel expenses of his favorite adult-film star so she could be his date at the service academy’s annual winter banquet.

Fox News reports the United States Military Academy student launched a GoFundMe page over the weekend titled "Help Me Bring Diamond Foxxx To YWW," referring to West Point's Yearling Winter Weekend. The page has since been deleted.

"Diamond Foxxx agreed to go to Y dubs with me if I can pay for her plane ticket and hotel room," read the GoFundMe page. "Problem is I'm on the yuk payroll and I have no money. Please help a young boy's dream come true." Donations reached $370.

The academy, which is located in New York about 50 miles north of New York City, said Wednesday the cadet had removed the page from the site.

"Federal law prohibits members of the military from using their official positions for personal gain," the academy said in a prepared statement. "This prohibition extends to using or appearing to use one's military status to solicit gifts of money."

However, U.S. Military Academy Public Affairs Office pushed back on claims that they had ordered the cadet to shut down the page. The office told the online military publication Task & Purpose that "the cadet promptly removed the page from the site after consulting with his peers."

Foxxx told The Associated Press the cadet was "very polite and respectful" and she was "honored" by the invitation, as she was a member of a military family. She confirmed that she had told him she would attend if her hotel and flight from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., were covered.

She would not identify the cadet and neither did West Point.

"My only concern is that he doesn’t get in trouble," Foxxx said.

West Point could not immediately be reached for comment, and it’s not clear whether the cadet – who used a pseudonym on the GoFundMe page – will face disciplinary action.

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