The NWS has made some changes to the Freeze Warning for our area. The locations remain the same, but with increasing confidence that the cold will extend into Saturday morning, the NWS expanded the Freeze Warning through Friday night / Saturday morning. Here is the latest update...


The biggest concern without a doubt is tonight. A hard freeze is defined as temperatures below 32 degrees for 4 hours or dropping to less than 28 degrees. As you can see, tonight is a slam dunk for a hard freeze and some may approach teens.

Temps 1

Friday night is again going to be cold, but not the same level as what we expect tonight. We will approach 32 degrees, so it is defined as at least a frost and possible another freeze. AdvanceTrak shows widespread readings near 32.

Temps 2

The bottom line is that you need to prepare for the next two nights. Tonight looks very much like a damaging hard freeze while Friday night will be a frost/freeze. If you have anything sensative to a frost/hard freeze then please take preparations to protect it both nights.