The planets are on parade right now - here's how to spot them in the night (or morning ) sky: 

To see Mars you'll have to get up early; this planet is visible in the pre-dawn hours through the month. It won't be very bright later in the month, though, so right now is your best chance to see it! Mars will be positioned near the moon for the next few days in the few hours before the sun rises. 

The other planet to catch right now is Jupiter. It will be the second brightest planet and will also be positioned near the moon in the next few days. It will rise above the horizon less than an hour before the sun comes up and become more prominent as the month continues.

Venus is the brightest planet in the sky (third brightest object after the sun and moon), so it should be pretty easy to pick out. It's visible each evening in the night sky, but it will be a little easier to spot in the last few days of January when it's positioned near the moon.