Phase 1 of the cool-down is here and that will come into play as the next storm moves in late Friday. There's just enough cold air that between 6-10 pm locations along and north of I-64 may experience a brief wintry mix. Recent warmth will help keep roads mainly wet, but elevated surfaces may get a very light glaze of freezing rain/sleet and or snow. Remember, our northern counties of Indiana are where this is most likely, but it won't be enough to cause any major issues. Temperatures quickly rise above the freezing mark as a warm front whips through so travel issues, if any, would be short-lived...  


Saturday looks wet and windy...again! Just to be clear, this looks nothing like what we had to deal with last weekend. Winds only max out around 30-40 mph. Rainfall totals appear to be rather uniform with approximately .5" for much of our area. The ground should be able to handle this much so I'm not worried about flooding. Steady, moderate rain appears likely as you head out Saturday morning. As the afternoon wears on, we should see a transition over to showers instead of the constant rain. It starts drying out during the evening as temperatures begin to crash. Stay with WDRB for updates!