The International Space Station is flying over our heads tonight and tomorrow night giving you great chances it. 


The flyover tonight is shorter and not as high up in the sky, but it will look like it just flies off into oblivion. The space station will be visible tonight just before 7:30 and will rise to a maximum elevation of 49º. That's also the elevation at which it disappears in the western sky, so instead of arching above our heads and coming back down, tonight it will look like it just sails off into the sky. 


The sky is clearing out behind the cold front we felt earlier today, so it should be a great chance to see the space station. 


Tomorrow the ISS will be visible for longer and will show up a little earlier in the evening. This pass will be just after 6:30 pm, and the space station will be visible for five minutes this time. This one will also climb higher in the sky making it a bit easier to spot. 


While it will still be cold, the sky should stay clear Friday night, too, giving you a great chance to spot the space station.