The drought across Kentuckiana is worsening. It has expanded to include more of Kentuckiana and part of the area is now under moderate drought. The United States Drought Monitor is updated every week. 

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The drought has worsened because little to no rain has fallen recently. More specifically, since August 26th, Louisville International Airport has only picked up 1.05'' of rain. Additionally, ZERO inches of rain have fallen so far in September (these numbers are up until September 12th). This means we are 1.16'' below average for the month. We were also below normal for July and August. 

According to the drought monitor summary, "Kentucky had the highest percent short to very short topsoil moisture value (61%), with Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio not far behind (between 30-42%). Although the dry weather is good for crop maturation and corn dry down, the wet spring delayed planting, so some crops may be behind schedule and could use rain for filling (mainly soybeans)."


There are only minimal rain chances this week. The best chance looks to be this afternoon and evening as a weak cold front slides through the area. Even with a front, the rain chance is isolated to widely scattered at best. Not everyone will see these showers and storms, but any storm that does develop could have heavy rain, gusty winds and lightning. 

Below is raw model data for rainfall in the next week, from both the GFS and Euro. The GFS is more optimistic that we will see some rain (0.25-0.50'') across the area over the next week. However, the Euro keeps everyone bone dry. Our forecast trends more toward the Euro. Once you get into drought, it can be difficult to get out. There are a few rain chances in the 7 day forecast, but isolated only. Most of the area looks to stay dry over the next 7 days (especially after today). This means we will likely not add much to our monthly rainfall in the next week. 

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