Temperatures today warm up further than we have seen recently across our area, helped out by more sunshine today. Heading into the evening and into the overnight hours, more cloud cover will start to make its way into our area before low pressure moves in by tomorrow morning.


Why is this important? This could very well be the difference between seeing snow showers tomorrow morning versus cold rain. Let me explain...

Whenever you have more cloud cover at nighttime, it prevents radiational cooling, where the "warmth" or just warmer temperatures from the previous afternoon go back up into space. Whenever you have the cloud cover like we are expecting tonight, those clouds act as a blanket. They trap in the warmer conditions under it, allowing the surface to be slightly warmer and not allow temperatures to fall as much.

This is very important in conditions like tonight, where temperatures fall close to freezing. The cloud cover that moves in should stall out our temperatures and prevent them, especially in Louisville, from falling to or below freezing by tomorrow morning. 


This should allow for a mixed-type of precipitation to fall in most areas. We should start off tomorrow morning with a little bit of a Wintry Mix, meaning more of a snow/sleet type scenario for most of us, especially in Kentucky and closer to the Louisville area where temperatures should be a little bit warmer. This will likely transition to full cold rain/sleet as the morning goes on. 


Southern Indiana, especially the further North you go, might be able to squeeze out more snowflakes than the rest of us, as temperatures will be closer to freezing and could support snow falling almost all the way to the surface. 


By the afternoon, temperatures warm up back into the 40s and we are left with a cold rain through the afternoon before the showers become more scattered during the late afternoon and evening times. 


With temperatures falling back near freezing again for Wednesday morning, expect a few snow showers or even snow squalls to be moving through the area as well. This would be something to keep in mind heading out on Wednesday.


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