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FAQ: What happens if Time Warner drops WDRB?

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1. Why would WDRB not be carried on the Time Warner system (formerly Insight Communications)?

After decades of permitting cable and satellite companies to rebroadcast its television stations for free, WDRB has completed agreements with the cable companies that carry its signals in which the cable companies have agreed to compensate WDRB for the excellent news, sports and entertainment programming its stations provide. The cable and telephone companies have also agreed to carry our additional over-the-air digital channels. Time Warner Cable is refusing to pay the fair market price for a FOX station. That amount is two cents per day.

2. If Time Warner drops WDRB, can Time Warner simply show FOX Network programming on another station?

There are rules in place to protect the local broadcasters' programming.

3. If Time Warner agrees to WDRB's request, will Time Warner simply raise my monthly bill?

WDRB has no control over Time Warner's, or any video provider's, rates or any decision to raise rates. Time Warner is already charging subscribers for the local channels each month. In fact, out of the amount Time Warner charges for service, WDRB  receives less than one-half of one percent. You should judge on your own whether you think the profit margin Time Warner already makes on the local channels warrants an increase in rates. In 2011, Time Warner had record revenues and profits. You can always get WDRB's signals for free with the use of an over-the-air digital antenna.

4. What are my options for getting any of WDRB and WMYO's programming?

Other providers will continue to carry WDRB/WMYO  without interruption. We've listed those in another section of the web site.  Alternatively, you may use an antenna and receive our local TV stations over the air free of charge.

5. Is WDRB  being greedy by asking for an increase?

WDRB is asking for the same amount they received from Insight Communications with increases in 2013 and 2014 to mirror the rate increases imposed by WDRB's programmers which is based on the cable subscriber numbers. That is fair.

6. How do I get in touch with someone at TIME WARNER CABLE if I wish to express my views?

Note: Although TIME WARNER CABLE owns the local cable service, it is still branded locally as INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS.

You can call INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS' customer service center 502-357-4400 (when prompted to dial "1," you will be forwarded to a recorded message. To discuss this with a customer service rep, please dial "0.")

Other means of contacting Time Warner/Insight:
Insight Communications E-mail

Insight Communications Facebook page

Insight Communications Twitter page

7. Do I need to call WDRB again after contacting TIME WARNER CABLE?

No. While we appreciate your input, and welcome your comments, it is not necessary to contact us after you have contacted TIME WARNER CABLE. Just make sure your voice is heard at TIME WARNER.

8. Why is this happening with WDRB, but not the other television stations in the market?

We believe WDRB 's primary and digital channels of programming are as valuable to the viewers in your market as similar programming may be to viewers in other parts of the country. WDRB is not privy to the negotiations with others in the market and perhaps in time, every station will have their time to negotiate with TIME WARNER CABLE. Congress has allowed this to occur knowing that the broadcasters' content is what helps the distributors grow. TIME WARNER CABLE has been in operation for many years they have had the opportunity to cover their capital expenses with record profits and revenue. TIME WARNER CABLE messages may try to tell you that WDRB  is being greedy, but once you know the facts you can decide if two cents a day is fair. There was no charge imposed for continued carriage of WMYO and the digital multicast channels.

9. Is this about WDRB making more money?

Money is important. Almost everyone expects to be paid for the work that they do. WDRB  is the exclusive outlet for local market network programming, local news and other entertainment programs. While anyone may use an over-the-air antenna to personally view the programming for FREE, we won't allow any company to take our signal and resell it to the viewers without fair compensation. TIME WARNER CABLE seems to think it should be allowed to take our programming and charge people to see it, without fairly compensating WDRB  for the programming. We are fighting to protect our rights. We are fighting to receive fair compensation in both fees and carriage of WDRB. We hope you understand our position.

10. How much of my TIME WARNER CABLE bill is actually paid to broadcasters in the WDRB market?

TIME WARNER CABLE does not disclose how much it pays each broadcaster and we cannot provide specific details of our agreement with TIME WARNER because of contractual restrictions. Let's put it simply and clearly. Less than two (2) pennies per day of your current bill to TIME WARNER CABLE goes to pay WDRB's license fee. If TIME WARNER CABLE accepts our current proposal, that rate would stay at two pennies per day and increase to less than 2-1/2 pennies at the end of our proposed agreement. TIME WARNER pays more to much less watched networks. 

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