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Experts may have identified animal behind Shelby Co. attacks

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WADDY, Ky. (WDRB) - Ten animals have been viciously attacked in Shelby County, but experts say they may know who the culprit might be -- and the answer may surprise you.

The animal could be lurking anywhere in the wooded areas of Shelby County in Waddy, Ky. But residents say they want it trapped and found. Some even say they even want it put down.

Kevin Cox's three donkeys have impressive built-in alarm systems, but unfortunately, they have not kept a predator from attacking a white calf and others a few weeks ago.

"I noticed it was covered in blood. Then the other two come up, and I noticed that their ears were shredded," said Cox.

"This one was the worst one," Cox pointed out, "(it) tore his ears up pretty good. I'm lucky that's all it did."

Days later, Cox says the animal came back for more. His daughter's goat was mauled.

"It tore its ear off completely," Cox explained.

His neighbor's goats were not so lucky.

"They was pretty bad off," he said. "It just literally tore the faces off of them."

Those goats had to be put down. Altogether, six goats and four calves have been attacked -- and soon, there will be an extremely vulnerable target on his farm.

"This heifer right here, she's about to have a baby next month," said Cox.

So Cox has set out to try and trap the animal -- or at least catch it on camera.

But what is it? Kentucky Fish and Wildlife experts say it's likely not a wolf, big cat, or some sort of "mythical" creature.

"That's indicative to a canine dog, a coyote is more of an oblong round," said Sgt. Doug Detherege, examining one of the tracks left by the animal. "If it was a big cat, it wouldn't show any toenail marks at all."

And they think the dog is domestic, and likely has been contained by its owner, since the last attack was over a week ago.

"A wild animal is out to either feed, or defend itself," said Detherege.

County officials are holding a meeting Monday night to address this issue with residents. It will be held at the Waddy Ruritan Building at 6:30 p.m.

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