LOUISVILLE, KY (WDRB) -- The chief operating officer of Lynn's Paradise Cafe said there were "four reasons" that contributed to the sudden closure of the popular Louisville restaurant.

It closed over the weekend without explanation.

During a brief off-camera conversation Sunday with a WDRB News reporter, Patty Schnatter would not name the reasons for the closure other than to say it was "personnel" related. Schnatter said of the restaurant's 22-year history: "it was a good run."

She added that the closure had nothing to do with a recent controversial policy that required servers to carry $100 cash to tip out other co-workers. After 22 years in business, Lynn's Paradise Cafe closed unexpectedly Friday. Schnatter said Sunday that owner Lynn Winter was unavailable for an on-camera interview. Schnatter also declined a request to speak on camera.

People could be seen milling about inside the restaurant Sunday a day after security guards stood watch in the empty parking lot.

Around back, a rental truck and workers loaded crates of bread, potatoes and other food that was delivered to the homeless at Wayside Christian Mission. 

A posting on Lynn's Paradise Cafe's Facebook page said that paychecks and W-2's would be mailed to employees. It also stated that the issue of gift cards would be addressed at a later date.

Meanwhile, Adam Lee, the manager of both KT's and Austin's restaurants, is encouraging former Lynn's employees who lost their jobs to apply at either of his restaurants.

"I kinda consider us a family even though we work for different restaurants, and I've worked with people who work for different restaurants," said Lee. "So there's people there who I've worked with before. I just don't want them to feel like they don't have someplace to go to find another job.

"So I thought I'd offer them something because I know it's gotta be tough," Lee said.