NEW ALBANY, IN (WDRB) -- Six weeks after a woman and her two children were found dead in an Indiana creek, the husband and father of the victims says he is struggling to get information from authorities.

Mike Clutter says it's been difficult getting information from detectives and he's never heard from Floyd County prosecutor Keith Henderson. 

"As far as getting information to me. It was lacking and could have been a lot better," Clutter said. "I feel like there is a lot of information that could be said that hasn't been said to me."

Clutter's wife, Jaime, 35, and their two children Brandon, 10, and Katelyn, 6 months, were found naked and floating in a creek at Binford Park in New Albany in March. Authorities believe the two children drowned. The cause of death for Jaime Clutter has not been determined. Toxicology reports were ready but had not been delivered to New Albany Police, Chief Sherri Knight said.

Henderson told reporters Wednesday that he wants to impanel a grand jury to take a closer look at the case. Henderson says he hasn't heard from detectives in weeks.

"The part that is troubling to me is that there has been no other information coming forward from investigators," he said.

The police chief Sherri Knight says they have still not received the toxicology report, but were notified it was ready Wednesday afternoon. That occurred only after a WDRB News reporter called the coroner to confirm it was ready.

"There's nothing new to forward to his office. It's still and open and active investigation," Knight said.

Police have not ruled out the possibility of a murder suicide. But Clutter doesn't believe that.

"There is just absolutely no way that she is capable of what's being said out there. I don't buy that at all," Clutter said.

Clutter says he noticed deep cuts on his wife's hands, bruises on her arms and says police asked him specific questions about certain weapons.

"They asked me if I had guns, Chinese throwing stars, a sword or a knives," he said.

Police gave him this explanation for his wife's injuries "that it was because of the environment but not life threatening."

Police told him some of her injuries might have been result of the rocky creek bed. Chief Knight says there's no indication weapons were involved.