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POLICE: Man arrested for overnight feast inside Mt. Washington ValuMarket

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Trevor Runyon (Source: Bullitt County Detention Center) Trevor Runyon (Source: Bullitt County Detention Center)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Mt. Washington Police in Bullitt County, Ky., say they've arrested a homeless man for grilling out -- inside a ValuMarket store.

According to an arrest report, it happened overnight on Monday.

Police say an officer was called to the ValuMarket on Oakbrooke Drive, after an employee of the store watched surveillance video showing someone in the store after closing hours.

That person was 30-year-old Trevor Runyon, according to police.

Officer Michael Huffman says Runyon, a homeless man, hid in the store bathroom Sunday night and waited until the store closed, before sneaking out after midnight and holding a feast -- at the store's expense.

"He went to the beer cooler and got him a couple of beers," Ofc. Huffman said. "He ate six steaks, a couple of pounds of shrimp, a dinner salad and a birthday cake...and he drank a case of soft drinks."
"He had a really good time in there," Huffman added.
The arrest report provides an even more complete picture:
"The subject was also on camera going into the beer cave to get beer, which he drank while cooking and eating six steaks, shrimp, salad, deli cake and a gallon of tea," the report states. "The subject also got a carton of cigarettes and two lighters. Sometime during the events, the subject pooped in his pants and got a pair of Bullitt East underwear, along with a couple of t-shirts."
And that isn't all he allegedly did. Huffman said he huffed over 50 cans of Reddi-wip.
According to the arrest report, "after ravaging through the store," Runyon climbed into the attic and went to sleep.
The next morning, Huffman says he was called to the store. He said employees knew something was wrong as soon as they came to work.
"They kept finding all these cans of Reddi-wip in the garbage," Huffman said. "It just wasn't right."
Huffman said they pulled surveillance video and could see Runyon walking around the store -- but the video didn't show him leaving.
"If this ole' boy inhaled 56 cans of Reddi-wip, he didn't leave this building," Huffman said he told them.
They eventually found Runyon asleep in the attic, and, according to Huffman, the fire department had to be called in order to rescue Runyon. The rescue operations caused damage to the store, according to the arrest report.

Huffman said Runyon didn't give him any trouble.
"He wasn't violent," he said. "He was just friendly. He wasn't mean or hostile."
Runyon was arrested at 10:30 a.m. on May 13 and charged with burglary and criminal mischief.
Huffman says it's a good thing someone found the Reddi-wip cans and the surveillance video.
"He could have just lived up in the attic of the store and come down at night," he said. "How long could he have gotten away with that?"

Advocates for the homeless say this is just another incident that sheds light on the predicament the area's homeless population finds itself in.

"A lot of people say we don't have homeless in Bullitt County," says Carol Wieger, a board member of the Shepherd Shelter homeless facility. "Well, we absolutely do -- and this is a bad way to show that they are here, but they are."

Wieger hopes this arrest can be a wake up call

"What I've been saying all along is we need more help, more grant money, more support," she said. "Maybe we could have reached this man."
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