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Louisville water named nation's best tasting

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's all in the taste! The Louisville Water Company wins the People's Choice for the best tasting tap water in the country.

"It just tastes clean, you don't feel like you're getting lots of minerals and stuff like that in it. It just tastes refreshing," said Louisville resident Carol Eckler.

Louisville just picked up another award for having the best tasting tap water in the country. But exactly what is it that makes it taste so good?

"Maybe it's the Ohio River. I have no idea," said Eckler.

The Ohio River is the source, but the Louisville Water Company says the taste comes from something else -- the filtration process.

"We run over 100 water quality tests a day so we make sure that we put together that water chemistry, and we make sure the water tastes great," said Vince Guenthner of the Louisville Water Company.

It all starts at the Crescent Hill Reservoir.

"We're pumping water from the Ohio River up here to the reservoir, and here at the reservoir the mud, the sand and the silt are able to settle to the bottom of the basin," said Guenthner. "And then we're taking the cleaner water off the top."

From there it's on to the water treatment plant and the filter gallery where the water goes through a sand and charcoal layer. Clumps of unwanted minerals and impurities, which float to the top of the water, are then filtered out.

"The water is moving through the filters so the water is moving through the filters from the top to the bottom we're filtering out the impurities and the clean water is then going out pipes at the bottom of the filter," Guenthner explained.

Through every process, scientists in various labs are performing a series of tests.

"In this room, what we do is we collect samples from different points in the treatment process," said Mark Campbell, a scientist at the Louisville Water Company.

It's Campbell's job to test the odor.

"We just give it a swirl to try to get any potential compounds that would be odorous in the space above the water," said Campbell. "And then we bring it up and we smell it to check to check to see if there is any compounds. It smells pretty good." 

"When you go and visit other towns people they come back and say man I really miss Louisville water," said Guenthner.

Last week, the People's Choice selected Louisville water for best tasting tap water at the American Water Works Conference in Denver. Nearly 12,000 water utility professionals sampled water from 20 different cities to determine the winner.

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