LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Joshua Young is the one on trial for the murder of his step brother -- but much of the focus of the trial is on his father, Joshua Gouker.

On Wednesday the lead detective on Joshua Young's case took the stand once again. The defense had a lot of questions for him, including whether Gouker intimidated witnesses.

Joshua Young is accused of beating his step-brother, Trey Zwicker, to death in May 2011. Relatives claim he confessed to them that he used a wooden Louisville Slugger bat as the weapon, but the medical examiner could not say with certainty what murder weapon was used.

Gouker was sentenced to life in prison for the crime just days ago.

Witnesses in the past have said they changed their stories over time. On Wednesday the defense asked about initial interviews conducted with Gouker in Alabama where he made a deal to give police more information by calling others, in exchange for going off the record for a short period of time.

Louisville Metro Police Detective Scott Russ took the stand and was questioned by defense attorneys.

"Clearly somebody that wouldn't talk to you unless they had his permission was intimidated by him?" a defense attorney asked Russ.

"I don't know if they were intimidated by him or not -- I think that sounds fair -- or if they would give us the info anyway," Russ replied. "We wanted the info and if he had to tell him it was OK. It seemed fair that if someone was going to say Gouker's son was guilty, they would need his permission."

The defense is expected to present its remaining witnesses Thursday.  At least two defense witnesseses have testified out of order because of scheduling conflicts.

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