LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Did our world evolve over millions of years, or was it created by God just a few thousand years ago?

That question will be argued tomorrow at the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky --and the event is getting international attention.

The event sold out in two minutes, media from around the world will be there, and there will be a viewing party at the Kentucky Science Center. And it all began with an online debate between Bill Nye, the famous TV science guy, and Ken Ham, the founder of the Creation Museum.

About a year ago, Bill Nye posted a video to YouTube, in which he mocked the teaching of creationism.

"In another couple of centuries I'm sure that worldview won't exist," said Nye in the video.

A short time later, Ken Ham fired a shot of his own in response.

"You know Bill really doesn't understand science. He's called 'Bill Nye the Science Guy.' He doesn't understand science," said Ham.

The online clash evolved, if you will, into a face-to-face debate to be held Tuesday night at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky.

"Obviously, there's lots and lots of interest on all sides of this conversation, I think," said Jo Hass, Executive Director of the Kentucky Science Center.

Haas says she's not surprised by the interest because the issue comes down to the most basic questions of life and its origins.

"These are two very knowledgeable guys on their side, and so I think it's going to be an interesting conversation for sure," she said.

"We understand that God made the world, that He made us in His image," said Albert Mohler, president of Southern Seminary. "That's a very central Christian teaching."

Mohler says the debate over origins is not new, but it's one that needs to happen.

"And that's why this debate really hits people where they live. Because it gets right down to the meaning of human life, the meaning of all existence, and the great question of why," he said.

The head of the Louisville Secular Society says Creationism is religion, not science. Ed Hensley says he's concerned that the debate might give credibility to Creationism.

"Scientifically, there is not a debate. The debate has been settled, and evolution is known to be theory and fact," said Hensley.

The debate will be streamed live. Here are links to both the debate and to the Science Center event.

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