LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A little boy's life is suddenly cut short and his family says their last pictures of him were on a cell phone that's been stolen.  Darryn Kihnley's loved ones are asking for help to get it back.

"Usually, like nobody can take a picture of him because he's so shy, but he would pose up with his mom on that phone," said Heather Lucas who is engaged to Darryn's Uncle. She says Darryn and his mom Paige were as close as it gets.

"He loved his mom. He did. she was the apple of his eye," Lucas said

Police say Darryn was rescued from a pool on Beech Drive on Saturday. He was rushed to Kosair Children's Hospital, but later died. His death remains under investigation. The coroner tells WDRB News it's consistent with drowning.

"You wouldn't think it. Then they called and it was like, no, this isn't real," said Lucas.

Darryn's Uncle Paul Kihnley and Lucas are now asking that someone step forward and help the family. They want photos that were saved on the boy's mother's cell phone.

"I believe she was at work when it was stolen at Bud's Tavern on Dixie Highway about two Sundays ago," Lucas said. 

She says it was an HTC First Light Blue that cost about $300.00. At the time, Paige didn't know those pictures of Darryn on her phone's camera would become priceless.

"We just want the card back, we don't want the phone, that was his last pictures," said Lucas.

The boy will be laid to rest this week at W. G. Hardy Funeral Home on Dixie Highway. That's where the family is hoping someone will return the stolen phone's sim card.

Donations to help pay for the funeral can also be made at the funeral home.

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