LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Across the country, bookstores are closing -- but a locally owned bookstore company is bucking the trend.

Louisville's oldest independent book store has been around for 36 years. Carmichael's has two stores, one on Bardstown Road in the Highlands and another on Frankfort Avenue in Crescent Hill.

Starting on Monday, it will add a third store: Carmichael's Kids, just a few steps from its Bardstown Road location.

"Carmichael's Kids will have lots and lots of children's books, but it will also have games, puzzles, and other fun stuff for children," explained owner Carol Besse.

The local owners believe the new store is a good way to expand their business.

"We feel like growing new readers," said Besse, "and new customers is really an important part of our mission."

In a world now full of iPads and Kindles, Besse believes bookstores remain relevant -- especially ones for kids.

"Children's books are thriving -- they are one of the categories that is up in the industry," said Besse. "Who wants to read an e-book with their child? They want the physical book in their hands with the child on their lap."

The bookstore owners have spent the last six months remodeling the store, which was once an antique store. When it became vacant, they jumped at the chance to opens the kids bookstore.

Carmichael's Kids will celebrate its opening with a big street party on the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 10.

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