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Witness in Gibson sentencing says he saw him digging hole in back yard

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NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- Testimony in the sentencing hearing of William Clyde Gibson continued Thursday, with one of Gibson's neighbors telling the court he saw Gibson digging a hole in his back yard. 

In early June, Gibson pleaded guilty to the murder of Stephanie Kirk. Her body was found buried in the backyard of Gibson's New Albany home in April of 2012. Now Judge Susan Orth will decide whether Gibson will face the death penalty for her murder. 

He is already serving time for the deaths of Christine Whitis and Karen Hodella. He received the death penalty for Whitis's  murder, and 65 years for Hodella's murder. 

During Thursday's proceedings, the neighbor, David Boren, testified that he lived next door to the Gibsons for more than 40 years. He said Gibson always seemed calm, friendly, and sometimes did yard work for neighbors. 

Earlier in the week, Gibson's family members testified that he had a drinking problem, but Boren told the court he never smelled alcohol on Gibson, and "seemed like a normal guy."

About a month before Kirk's body was recovered from Gibson's back yard, Boren said he saw Gibson digging a hole. He says Gibson claimed he was replacing a rotting deck post. 

On Wednesday, Gibson surprised the courtroom while a witness testified, blurting out: "What are you going to do, kill me again?"

Gibson's head is shaved and a jailhouse tattoo reading: "Death Row X 3" was clearly visible during the proceedings. 

Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson began his closing arguments by saying that Gibson deserves the death penalty because of Gibson's criminal deviate conduct  He pointed out gruesome details of Kirk's sexual assault that he read from a written statement from Gibson. He said the bruises found on Kirk's body "tell us a lot as it relates to this criminal deviate conduct." 

"He controlled his victim," Henderson said. "He controlled Ms. Kirk. All the way until she took her last breath." 

Henderson concluded his closing arguments by saying there were a lot of similarities in Kirk's murder and the murder of Whitis -- and Gibson has already been sentenced to death for her murder.

In his closing arguments, Gibson's attorney, J. Patrick Biggs, said Gibson should be shown leniency because he admitted to the crime.

"If Clyde hadn't admitted to the murder of Stephanie Kirk, we wouldn't be here today; she would still be a missing person," Biggs said. 

Biggs argued that Gibson  owned up to what he did, saved the state from a trial, and expressed remorse.

Henderson spoke once more, saying if Gibson doesn't deserve the death penalty, no one does.

That wrapped up closing arguments. Now Judge Orth will have about 7-10 days to sentence Gibson.

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