SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Officials say semi-trucks are an easy target around the holidays for theft.

Truck drivers say they really have to be careful when and where they stop because thefts are happening all the time.

"It's easy pickins out here," said Rick Reardon.

Reardon has been driving a truck for 40 years. He says he's never had his truck or cargo stolen but that's because he's always on the lookout.

"I just look for the safest place. Out on ramps, the sides of the road -- it's not a good place to be," he told WDRB.

He says he makes sure to take the time to secure his load.

"I never step away from it without it locked. I don't go down the road without it locked," he said.

Reardon says rather than just stealing the product, sometimes thieves are taking off with the entire rig.

"It's not just the cargo. They want the trucks too."

"It's a major, major problem," said Sgt. Jerry Goodin, Indiana State Police.

Goodin says they've been dealing with cargo thefts for years.

"A lot of the loads that are being targeted are the high price electronic loads and also loads that have liquor and surprisingly enough one of the most targeted loads for these thieves is toiletry products," he explained.

He says it's happening everywhere and especially this time of year.

Kentucky State Police say they see about a 30-40% increase in cargo thefts during the holidays.

The problem is, once the criminals take off, they aren't easy to catch.

"This is a cooperative effort not only from state police, the FBI and local agencies," he said.

Sgt. Goodin says cargo thefts impact more than just the driver and the manufacturers.

"When these million dollar loads and these products are taken off and stolen, who pays for it? Ultimately the consumer does," he said.

Police say if you see someone following a truck or feel like you're being followed on the highway you should call 911.

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