LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Family members watched in shock as a mother of three is shot to death in Bullitt County.

WDRB New learned why the suspect's family says it was not cold blooded murder.

"He come out of that bathroom, and I was standing there, his arm was like that and I heard pow! Like that, well, I seen Tina go to the floor," said Joyce Hodge, the suspect's grandmother.

Hodge is still in shock from what she witnessed inside her home on Walnut Street in Lebanon Junction on Thursday.

Hodge said, "He shot and she fell to the floor, he come over here and he got on her and I come over here and got on his back."

Police say 18-year old Austin Allen shot and killed 37 year old Tina Zamora.

"And he was working around to shoot her again and he shot her again while I was on his back," said Hodge.

Zamora was pronounced dead at the scene. Hodge says Zamora was a close family friend and Allen has a history of mental illness.

Hodge said, "I knew that he was hearing voices; I knew that because I would see him answer."

Zamora leaves behind three young children.

"I was asked if I would do a death notification to the children," said Det. Scotty McGaha.

Bullitt County Detective Scotty McGaha is not working the case, however, he is a family friend.  He broke the news to the victim's children.

McGaha said, "Went to the oldest daughter's school first...met with her, told her what had happened."

For now, McGaha also has temporary custody of the girls ages 12, 11 and 7.

Their father - was deported to Mexico.

"I am glad someone else is working because I knew her and I think my role in this part was knowing the children and they didn't really have anybody really close to them at the time was to be able to take care of them," said McGaha.

Allen made his first court appearance via video arraignment on Friday morning.

The judge said, "Mr. Allen, you are charged with burglary in the first and murder. Both of these are felonies, I'll appoint the public defender."

"No, I don't think he knew what he did," said Hodge.

Joyce Hodge also believes her grandson belongs in a mental hospital but understands why he is behind bars right now. "That don't make her death okay, Austin did not know what he was doing but that don't make it okay."

A judge set Austin Allen's bond at 1-million dollars cash.

Meanwhile, family and friends of Zamora are in the process of setting up a fund to help pay her funeral expenses. If you'd like to help, click here: http://www.gofundme.com/kasjjs.

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