LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A murder for money and drugs: that's what prosecutors say happened in 2005. 

Now prosecutors want the suspect, Ricky Kelly, to face the death penalty. Prosecutors say Kelly killed LaJuante Jackson to protect a drug trafficking organization.

Prosecutors claim Kelly hunted Jackson down and shot him more than 10 times.

The case started at the state level, then went to federal court and has now been seen sent back to the commonwealth.

Kelly's attorney, Amy Hannah, says prosecutors have a long way to go before that happens. 

"Stop trying to kill Ricky Kelly," Hannah said. "If they want to kill him, they've got to follow the rules, and they've got to do it right. Up until this point, that hasn't happened."

"The death penalty was sought, I believe, for the last four or five years on this case, in federal court and in state court," said Leland Hulbert, the lead prosecutor on the case.

Since 1996, Kelly has been charged with eight murders.

Prosecutors say they are still investigating whether or not to try the other cases.

Both sides say they're hoping to go to trial in June.

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