LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Shepherdsville Mayor is being investigated by the Bullitt County Sheriff's Department for allegations of official misconduct and sexual favors.

WDRB began investigating Scott Ellis's case five months ago, the same time the Bullitt County Sheriff's Department launched its own investigation into the mayor.

They say he made certain promises in exchange for sexual favors.

"We have three females that have come forward that have brought forward sexual allegations involving his public office," explained Mike Murdoch of the Bullitt County Sheriff's Department.

"There are allegations that he used his office for gain of a sexual nature with these females," Murdoch added.

The Bullitt County Sheriff's Department says Ellis is accused of making promises to a woman on parole -- and a former employee -- in exchange for sexual favors.

Investigators say he promised one woman he could get her a pardon from the governor.

The Sheriff's Department says a third woman, also a former employee, says Ellis propositioned her, but she refused.

"My understanding is that one of the incidents may have occurred in the mayor's office," Murdoch said.

Investigators say the incidents happened over the past year-and-a-half to two years. The sheriff's department says Ellis would correspond with the women electronically -- and that is part of the evidence.

Mayor Ellis is married and has two children. He refused an on-camera interview when WDRB's Valerie Chinn contacted him, but he did say by phone that he talked to the sheriff's department months ago and denies the allegations.

"Never was there a promise in exchange for anything," he stated.

His office said he wasn't at City Hall, but WDRB caught up with him there later and he didn't want to comment.

Some Shepherdsville City Council members say they've known about the allegations for a while.

"I want to hear the truth, for one thing," said Bernie Brown, a Shepherdsville City Council member. "And if the allegations that have been made are accurate and true, I think the honorable thing for him to do would be to resign."

"I know Mayor Ellis, and from the information, I do know it appears he made some bad decisions involving this," said Murdoch. "And hopefully...hopefully Mr. Ellis and these victims can move forward -- and the county also."

"I can't go into exactly all he's admitted to," Murdoch said. "I do know he spoke with investigators."

"I just pray that it doesn't involve my family -- and we just pray to God and see what happens," Ellis said by phone. "It is in God's hands."

"Charges potentially could be official misconduct, ranging up from there, depending on what all the Commonwealth's Attorney or grand jury decides at that time," Murdoch said.

Mayor Ellis is in his second term in office.

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