SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Senator Mitch McConnell calls a video that has Planned Parenthood under fire "very, very disturbing," and the Senate Majority Leader is again questioning the agency's federal funding.

McConnell answered a range of questions following a speech to the Bullitt Co. Chamber of Commerce here in Shepherdsville, including whether he supports defunding Planned Parenthood.

The organization is under fire following the release of an undercover video, apparently showing the agency's medical director casually discussing harvesting and allegedly selling the organs of aborted babies.

Sen. Rand Paul and others say they'll now work to defund Planned Parenthood, and McConnell signaled support.

“What we saw was very, very disturbing. I've not been a fan of funding them in the past, and that remains my position,” he said.

And In response to the shooting in Chattanooga, McConnell says Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear should follow the lead of Indiana's Mike Pence and allow National Guard members to carry weapons at their facilities.

“A clear case can be made that these recruiting stations are targets, and these folks who are working there ought to be able to defend themselves,” said McConnell.

During his speech, McConnell called fellow Senator John McCain a war hero, but would not directly criticize GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump for calling the former POW's heroism into question.

“I think by any standard, he was one of our greatest American heroes, and anybody suggesting otherwise is way off base,” he said.

McConnell deflected the question of whether Trump should apologize to McCain.

“I think I've pretty well covered that,” he said.

McConnell also repeated what he called his enthusiastic support for Matt Bevin in the governor race, and says he will attend Fancy Farm next month.

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