CORYDON, Ind. (WDRB) -- A Southern Indiana OB-GYN once accused of sexually assaulting his patients avoids prison.

A Superior Court judge in Corydon accepted Dr. Paul Kelty's plea of guilty to two charges, and sentenced him to four years of home incarceration.

Kelty left the courthouse not exactly a free man, but also not facing prison time.

Neither he nor his attorney Richard Mattox had much to say.

“It's been a long haul,” said Mattox.

Kelty, once known as known as the "female specialist, "originally faced 22 charges including sexually assaulting his patients, and over-prescribing pain pills. But he struck a deal, pleading guilty to Medicaid fraud and corrupt business influence.

“What on the onset looks like a strong case, may look different towards the end of the case,” said Harrison Co. Prosecutor Otto Schalk.

Schalk says the deal was the best he could get, considering what he says were inconsistent statements from witnesses.

“When there's inconsistent statements given at one period time, then later a contradictory statement, that caused certain counts to be dismissed,” he said.

Kelty also has health problems, including recent quadruple bypass surgery.

One alleged victim, who did not identify herself, told Judge Joseph Claypool in court that the sentence was unfair, and that Kelty will not be held accountable for his sexual abuse.

As part of his sentence, Kelty did lose his license to practice medicine.

WDRB News asked Schalk if he thought justice had been served.

“Absolutely. I think we have put a doctor out of practice. He's now going to be on home incarceration for four years, probation for four years,” said Schalk.

Mattox said Kelty wants to get on with his life. It will be a life outside a prison cell.

Kelty must also pay more than $22,000 in restitution. He has already settled a civil suit for $700-thousand.

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