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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On Friday evening, WDRB's Emily Mieure and photojournalist Jeff Gordon got an exclusive one-on-one interview with Timothy Madden, the man arrested hours earlier for the kidnapping, rape, sodomy and murder of seven-year-old Gabbi Doolin.

The interview took place at the Barren County Jail in Glasgow, Kentucky, and lasted approximately nine minutes.

Below is a transcript of that interview:


MIEURE: I’ll go ahead and have you say and spell your name – first and last.

MADDEN: Timothy Madden. T-I-M-O-T-H-Y. M-A-D-D-E-N.

MIEURE: Okay, Timothy. What do you have to say about the charges you’re facing?

MADDEN: It’s all bogus. I’m a very innocent man. They can ask anybody that knows me.

MIEURE: Why did they connect you to this murder?

MADDEN: Small-town gossip. They said I fit the suspect.

MIEURE: Do you know what that was?

MADDEN: Six foot tall. Brown coat. Long beard. Pretty much that’s all I knew about it. But then I knew they found the little girl’s body later on that night and then locked the ballgame down.

MIEURE: Do you know the Doolin family?

MADDEN: Yes. I know I went to school with him.

MIEURE: You went to school with her dad?

MADDEN: With her daddy, yes.

MIEURE: Okay. How well did you know them? Are you a family friend?

MADDEN: Yeah. I mean, yeah, I was friends with him all through school. And then we ran around together there after school for a while. And then my little daughter, she plays cheerleading with her – with the little girl.

MIEURE: If you’re innocent, why would someone accuse you of this?

MADDEN: I have no idea. I have no idea.

MIEURE: You’re from Scottsville?


MIEURE: Okay. Were you at the game that night?

MADDEN: Yup. I was at the game. My son was playing football, and my little daughter was there with us too.

MIEURE: Hm. So now what? I mean, you’re in jail—

MADDEN: I’m in jail, yeah, but I still am innocent. So we’ll figure a way out of it.

MIEURE: How are you going to do that?

MADDEN: I’ll have a lawyer, I reckon, the only way. Because I have nothing to hide. I’ve cooperated every way that they wanted me to cooperate.

MIEURE: Hm. What types of rumors were going around that—

MADDEN: Oh, it’s all over Topix. And then when I do get out of here, I will sue KSP and everybody else that’s slandering my name.

MIEURE: Do you have any bad blood with the Doolin family?

MADDEN: No. Not at all.

MIEURE: What’s your relationship like with her dad?


MIEURE: Have you talked to him at all today?


MIEURE: What do you want to say to them?

MADDEN: I’m sorry for your loss. I feel sorry for them, but it wasn’t me.

MIEURE: What do you want to say to the public?

MADDEN: Well, if they find the right person, I will come out and I will, like I said, sue everybody that’s slandering my name and put me where I am at today. Because I am innocent – [INAUDIBLE] know I am. And everybody knows me, knows I am.

MIEURE: Tell me -- walk me through the day today, from – I mean, they arrested you around 11:30 this morning. Did they just show up at your house—

MADDEN: I have no idea. I don’t [INAUDIBLE] time it was. But I seen ‘em driving up and down the road, and I seen this truck driving up and down the road. And it kept circling in the driveway, backing out, going up and down the road, and we’s up at my father-in-law’s house. And then he…and I told him, I said, ‘There’s that truck still up there at the end of the road.’ So he went up there to talk to them and he just waited up there and waited up there, so I figured I would go up there and see what was going on, so I walked up there and got about halfway up there, and they got out of the truck and came down there and said I had a warrant for my arrest.

MIEURE: How did they get a warrant signed in the first place?

MADDEN: They say they got evidence, but…

MIEURE: What type of evidence do they have against you?

MADDEN: I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ve not seen it.

MIEURE: Did they tell you?


MIEURE: Had they questioned you at all before your arrest?

MADDEN: Oh yeah, several times. Interrogated me, like three or four times. Polygraph. I give ‘em my clothes that night. I think – yeah, they did mention I had blood on my clothes or something, but because I rubbed against a fence – like I said, rubbed against a trash can. That’s the only thing I know where I’d get blood from, but it wasn’t me.

MIEURE: Is there any DNA evidence that they’ve—


MIEURE: Did they said if—

MADDEN: I don’t -- If it is, it ain’t mine, you know, so—


MADDEN: So maybe it will work out, because I’m an innocent man. I shouldn’t be here.

MIEURE: What’s your family thinking right now?

MADDEN: Oh, I have no idea. I’ve not seen then since they put me in the car. I’m sure they’re terrified and upset.

MIEURE: Okay. Anything else you want to say to anyone?

MADDEN: Nope. Just tell my kids I love them. Daddy will be alright.

MIEURE: So you have kids about the same age as the Doolin kids?

MADDEN: Well, I’ve got – one of them is. I’ve got, scattered out from 20 years old to…he’ll be a four-month-old the 25th.

MIEURE: How are you going to claim your evidence besides…I mean, if you were there that night, is there anyone that will—

MADDEN: Oh yeah, there were several people there. I’ve got all kinds of people to verify that I was there, you know, and seen me. I even took pictures on my phone to prove I was there, you know, to send to my ex-wife because she wasn’t there, and she wanted to see Blake playing football. So, I mean, I’ve got – I believe I’ll be okay.

MIEURE: Did they ask you questions about, like, you know, ‘Were you in the bleachers when Gabbi went missing?’ and things like that?

MADDEN: Oh yeah. Several times.

MIEURE: And what’s your – what are you claiming?

MADDEN: Last time I seen her, I was we was – I was – sitting on the side of the [INAUDIBLE], like I always, watching the…smoking a cigarette. And she walked by. And the other two girls came acro – through there first…I don’t know…a minute before. And then she came over there looking around, and I said, ‘Well, they want that way.’ And that was the last time I saw her.

MIEURE: And people were searching at that point?

MADDEN: No. [INAUDIBLE] And then nobody started searching for – I don’t know – 30 or 45 minutes, I guess.

MIEURE: So you saw her go by, back toward –

MADDEN: Well, she came in front of the bleachers to the back of the bleachers. [LONG PAUSE, AS MICROPHONE IS ADJUSTED.] And that’s all I know.

MIEURE: Okay. I guess, just, if you want to summarize: Why are you so confident that you’re innocent?

MADDEN: Because I know I am. I’ve done nothing wrong.

MIEURE: And you’re confident police won’t find any DNA evidence against you?


MIEURE: Who do you think did it?

MADDEN: I have no clue.

MIEURE: What do you want to say to that person?

MADDEN: [LAUGHS.] Bad individual out there.

MIEURE: I mean, if someone came—

MADDEN: He’s crazy.

MIEURE: --if someone came forward, that could mean your freedom.

MADDEN: Right.

MIEURE: Do you have anything you want to say to them?

MADDEN: Well, they need to. Because I know it wasn’t me. And my family knows it ain’t me. And everybody in Scottsville knows it me. If they know me, anyway, you know.

MIEURE: Why are people pointing fingers?

MADDEN: I have no idea. I guess ‘cause KSP started the rumors…

MIEURE: Okay, anything—

MADDEN: Because when they showed up at the house, they brought the news cameras with them, so [INAUDIBLE] that’s how it all started.


MADDEN: But I ain’t got nothing else to say.

MIEURE: Okay. Alright. Thank you.

PHOTOJOURNALIST JEFF GORDON: Have you been arrested before?

MADDEN: Years ago.

GORDON: On what?

MADDEN: Cold checks. Traffic tickets.

MIEURE: Just misdemeanors?


GORDON: Are you a sex offender?


MIEURE: Thanks for your time. We appreciate it.


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