LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Governor Matt Bevin took to social media to criticize Kentucky lawmakers for not passing a budget. But Democrats are firing back.
Bevin's video shows an empty House chamber on Monday with the hashtags #Get2Work and #PassTheBudget.  On the video posted on both Facebook and Twitter, Bevin says "I called over a week ago for Speaker (Greg) Stumbo to get serious about putting out a budget, to work with people in this house and the senate to actually take care of our financial problems. Still nothing. It is 11 o'clock on a Monday, and there is nobody in here." 

Bevin claims legislators work less than an hour a day and says the people of Kentucky want solutions to the state's financial problems. 

Kentucky House Democrats fired back with a picture of House Leaders in the Capitol Annex, working on a transportation budget.  The post included a response saying the annex is across the street from the Governor's office. While Gov. Matt Bevin was making a video this morning, House Leaders were busy working on the Transportation budget in the Capitol annex - right across the street from the governor's office."  They add, "If he needs help finding his way over here where members of the House are working to fix this budget, we'd be happy to send help,"

Speaker Greg Stumbo said the governor is too busy playing tv reporter to answer budget questions lawmakers have been asking for weeks.  He also says the average date for the House to bring out the budget is March 11. Stumbo's post said "it's unfortunate he doesn't know that there are committee meetings daily before Session convenes. In order for Bills to become laws, every single one has to go through a process. Over 1000 bills were filed this Session alone."  

Stumbo added that "Either the Governor doesn't know the process or he's intentionally trying to mislead and deceive people."  

To watch the entire video posted by Governor Matt Bevin, CLICK HERE

To read the response from Kentucky House Democrats, CLICK HERE. And to read the response from Speaker Greg Stumbo, CLICK HERE

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