LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some New Albany residents are concerned that a Native American historical site will be turned into a dog park. 

Tony Nava says archaeologists from the Department of Natural resources found artifacts belonging to the Shawnee and Mississippian tribes at the Cannon Acres Park. While a more extensive search has not been completed to determine if the area is a burial ground, he says either way it's disrespectful to have a dog go to the bathroom in an area that he considers sacred. 

"Would we want to use a church grounds as a dog park?" asked Tony Nava of the Kentuckiana American Indian Advocates. "Because to the native community, that would be kind of like doing the same thing, or a sacred site. We're not going to walk our dogs on Stonehenge. We're not going to walk our dogs on the Vatican. We're not going to walk our dogs in places that would be disrespectful to religious beliefs, cultural beliefs. But why are the Native American population of the United States always treated like secondhand citizens in this case?"

Nava says his concerns are not being heard by the mayor, but today councilman Al Knable visited the site.

"He's very concerned, and rightfully so, and so am I," said Knable. "We want things to be done right here in the city."

Knable hopes to have a conversation with Mayor Jeff Gahan tomorrow. 

In a statement sent to WDRB, Gahan says, "The City is more than willing to review and examine any documents that indicate there might be a disturbance of any sites recognized by the Department of Natural Resources with this project."

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