JEFFERSONVILLE, In. (WDRB) – A&E’s “60 Days In” was a hit when it first hit airwaves back in March with over 1 million viewers for it’s premiere.

The show features seven different people all of whom volunteered to be incarcerated at the Clark County jail for two months. DiAundre Newby was not one of those people but he was inside the jail while the show was being filmed serving a six-month jail sentence.

“They came in about a month before they started setting everything up in the jail,” Newby said, “They implied that the show was going to be focusing on people who it was their first time in jail.”

That story did not hold up for long amongst the inmates.

“We realized they weren't trying to see first timers about a month after they set up the cameras,” Newby said. “There were people who had been there a long time or had been in jail or the corrections system for a long time who were always going to be suspicious of something like that.”

However, Newby says not everything viewers see in the show is exactly how it play out in jail.

“I think the inmates did show out a little bit for the cameras,” he said. “There were some of them that showed out a lot for the cameras.”

A&E was at the jail from November 2015 to February 2016. Newby was there the entire time.

“When they started installing the cameras they actually took us out of our pods at like 5 or 6 in the morning,” he said, “They took it and they flipped it out of context and, in my opinion, were trying to make it entertaining or Hollywood it up.”

Newby has watched all the episodes since he got out of jail on March 23rd. Seeing himself on the program, he says, has been an odd experience.

“I guess people all over the country know who I am now and that is unusual,” he said. “I didn't expect that to happen.”

The show has already been renewed for a 2nd season expected to begin later this year.

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