LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A JCPS high school officially has a new hair policy after some called the old one racist. 

Butler High School made the change at a special meeting Thursday night.

The old policy banned hair styles like corn rows, twists and dreadlocks. It also restricted braids for young men and required their hair to be no longer than two inches.

"We look at all of our policies," Butler Principal Williams Allen said. "We are a choice school, but we want to make sure all of our policies, even in a choice school, are gonna be OK and be culturally sensitive to all of our students."

The new policy states:

  • Hair must be well-groomed, well-kept, and at a reasonable length.
    • Reasonable length for males means hair no longer than three inches and must be above the collar, the ears, and the eyebrows.
  • Both males and females must have a natural hair color.
    • No unnatural hair colors (e.g. pink, orange, green, purple, blue, etc.)
    • No severe contrasts
  • Hair must be free from designs, names, or lines cut into the hair.
    • One straight line is permissible to be cut into the hair for a part.
  • Females only may wear headbands.
    • Must be worn in the hair, not across the forehead
  • Bandanas are not allowed

A grandmother of a student tells WDRB that while she is happy with the changes, she was very bothered by the old policy.

"This incident was specifically aimed at an ethnic group, which is African American, and that's the way they wear their hair -- Corn rows, twists, braids," Rhonda Mathies said.

The new policy took effect immediately.

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