JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- If you live in Jeffersonville, you've been through the roundabout at I-265, Highway 62 and Port Road. 

You probably also have an opinion on it. 

"I was almost hit by somebody who came off of 265. They just don't pay attention," Kay Vaughn said.

"It's dangerous," Ernest Nelson said.

Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore is speaking his mind on the intersection, and he's not afraid to drive home the point.

"I think they've created a very dangerous roadway here," Mayor Moore said. "I'm not an engineer. I don't do this for living, but I have some common sense, and I'm going to tell you, this was a bad idea."

There is confusion at the southern Indiana roundabout. From September of 2015 to May of 2016, there were 134 accidents. But, the Indiana Department of Transportation is adding new, more clear signs and pavement markings. 

"These were some improvements that we suggested, to in some ways, simplify the amount of information drivers have to process going through this area, and also to make the direction more clear," explained INDOT spokesman Will Wingfield.

He added that it should help with a learning curve that's already working itself out among drivers.

"It can take drivers up to a year to get used to a new traffic configuration like this," Wingfield said.

Still, Mayor Moore says his city doesn't have time to wait.

"My question to INDOT is, when do we say OK, we've studied it enough? Do we wait until that first person has died?" Moore said.

The changes at the roundabout are expected within the next month. 

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