LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – On the surface, it looks and sounds like a simple one-minute video posted to Facebook, but if you keep watching, you quickly find a bigger story brewing.

Before we get deeper into the good deed featured in the video, meet LaRon Tunstill, better known as "Ron Ron". The high school freshman lives on the west side of Louisville, and he's aware of the dangers that lurk outside his front door. 

"There's a lot of shootings," Tunstill said.

To avoid life on the streets, Ron Ron recently got involved with "Purpme". 

"That is what it stands for, people uplifting real people," founder Jason Reynolds said. 

In that video, posted on Labor Day, Ron Ron was in the west end when he noticed a homeless man tip-toeing around.

"So I started looking at what he had on, and I was like, 'you got no shoes,'" Tunstill said.  

What happened next sent good vibes across social media, Ron Ron slipped off his new Nike high-tops and passed them over to the man who he just met. 

Tens of thousands of likes and shares later, Tunstill's act of goodwill grew into an example for other teens that have chosen a different path.  

"You got 14-year-old kids out here shooting and killing people, and Ron Ron decides he's going to give his own shoes," said Reynolds while filming the video on his phone.  

"Purpme" is looking to expand across west Louisville, but they want a large van to help get the young volunteers around.  

The group just started a "GoFundMe" page, and you can help by donating here

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