LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Fliers hanging in west Louisville say that people who talk to the police will die.

If you drive too fast on Market Street or Broadway, and you'll most likely miss the message. Stroll past them, then you might give them a second glance. 

Outside of Shawnee High School we found them posted up next to a local tavern and outside a mini-mart the fliers showed up there too. 

Fliers that shout all sorts of street code are plastered across the west end of Louisville, one headline calls Louisville "Snitch/Rat City". 

On the bottom of that same flier is the saying: "Snitches End Up In Ditches."  

The person behind them? According to Facebook it's a local man by the name of  Montrell Muhammad.

Another flier compares cops to the KKK. We notified LMPD, and they responded with this statement.

"Obviously we'd disagree with its premise and just as we appreciate the tip that this sign was posted we appreciate any and all tips that could help us solve crimes and help us empower communities to overcome violent crime."

We texted the pictures of the fliers to Rev. Clay Calloway. The founder of the West Louisville Ministers Coalition commented on the mentality behind the saying of "snitches end up in ditches," calling for people to come forward. If you have answers, he said, you can't let a piece of paper on a pole stop you from talking to police. 

"So the good people must have courage to mitigate against and not be afraid to speak up and speak out against those that are doing evil and committing crimes in our community," Calloway said.  

We did contact Muhammad, whose name is listed on the flier. He takes credit for the fliers on Facebook, but he has not responded to our request for an interview. 

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