HILLVIEW, Ky. (WDRB) – Nails and screws scattered throughout a Bullitt County neighborhood road are concerning many residents.

For the last two weeks hundreds of screws and nails have been found along Robin Road and also in the driveways of several homes.

“I don’t know why they would want to drop nails out here of all things ... out of us, you know, we didn’t do anything to hurt or harm anybody at all,” said Donald Bodkin, who has been picking up the nails along with his wife.

Sunday morning, rows of nails and screws were found lined up in the middle of Robin Road, a clear sign to residents this is deliberate and not just nails that have fallen off a truck.

“They may just think they are playing some game and it’s fun and they may just want the thrill of doing something wrong but it could hurt someone potentially,” said Emily Hibdon, who lives on Robin Road.

Residents have been collecting the nails in bags and are worried more will appear in their driveways again soon.

Each day several people walk their dogs up and down the road and are worried their pets may step on one of the screws.

At first residents in the quiet neighborhood thought this was a one-time prank, but tell WDRB it is just a matter of time until someone is hurt.

“I think someone is just trying to have fun or set up or think it is a fun game but it's got a lot of people scared right now,” Bodkin said.

So far no vehicles or tires have been damaged and there have been no reports of injuries.

Hillview residents say they will now be working with police to find out who is responsible.

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