Jimmy Duke has worked his mail route for more than a decade.

And though the threat of a cold winter is gone as the sun shines down, it's not the weather he's concerned about as he walks the Louisville sidewalks. 

It’s your pets.

A report from the United States Postal Service says dog attacks are becoming a major problem, especially in Louisville.

“They get [mail carriers] in the back of the leg or in the back somewhere,” Duke said.

Out of every city in the country, Louisville ranks No. 5 for the most dog attacks on United States postal workers. There were 51 reported incidents last year in Louisville. Only Los Angeles, Houston, Cleveland and San Diego had more dog bites.

Louisville had more attacks than major cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and Dallas.

The United States Postal Service says it's partly because more packages are delivered to more doors than ever before as online shopping becomes more popular. Postal workers also make Sunday package deliveries now, so they’re in neighborhoods seven days a week.

Duke knows some tricks to keep the animals away. He carries dog spray clipped on his bag where it’s easy to reach.

“It's like pepper spray if they're really coming at you,” he said.

Duke says he's always on alert and gets to know the dogs who live on his route.

“I've got at least three [dogs] that I can think of right way on my route that I can’t get near,” he said.

But in case you're wondering, Dukes job didn’t ruin it for him. He still thinks dogs are a treat.

“I have two,” Duke said. “I like dogs, so I give a lot of them the benefit of the doubt.”

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