WARNING: Some of the video contained in this story is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Security video captured a fatal shooting outside a west Louisville convenience store.

"It's disturbing to see how blatant and how brazen it is," said Lt. Emily McKinley, head of the Louisville Metro Police Department's Homicide Unit.

The footage from the Dino's Food Mart at the intersection of S. 26th Street and W. Broadway shows the disturbing turn of events. It was captured on March 28, the night 26-year-old Lee McGee was shot and killed.

A man can be seen waiting outside the store watching other customers come and go, until just after 1:30 a.m., when McGee arrives. In the footage McGee tries to shield his head and face as the suspect in a dark colored hoodie pulls out what appears to be a gun and pulls the trigger. 

McGee was shot in the chest and died. 

The victim's mother, Aretha McGee, took to Facebook to announce an arrest. 

"Oh boy, it's so hard what I'm going through right now," she said on a live stream. "I miss my baby so much."

Police say 24-year-old Charlie Shoulders is the gunmen in the video. LMPD detectives arrested him Tuesday after two weeks on the run.

"That is evidence right there," Lt. McKinley said. "It is in black-and-white right there, and you can't really dispute video evidence."

We now know McGee and Shoulders knew each other from the west Louisville club scene. A photo shows them together.

"As far as why -- that's not completely clear to us," Lt. McKinley said. "We're trying to determine why this happened."

Family members say Mcgee and Shoulders had squabbled over a girl.

"I'm happy," Aretha McGee said in her Facebook video posting. "I'm happy he (Shoulders) was caught. It's not closure all the way, but it's getting there." 

We've also learned of a second shooting victim that night -- an unintended target. Court records say Shoulders shot his brother in the groin. 

And in the video, he leaves him there.

Louisville Metro Police did not provide the video footage to us, but police did confirm its authenticity. 

Shoulders remains in a Louisville jail, already indicted for murder and assault.  He has not yet responded to the charges. 

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