SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) – Hundreds of people walk through the doors of the Scottsburg Walmart every day, but it was two specific trips to the store Wednesday that left one family with an uneasy feeling.

“In the girl's section by the underwear, there was a gentleman who seemed out of place,” said one Scottsburg mother who asked us not to use her name.

She went on to say that what happened to her family member two hours later in a trip back to the store solidified that uneasy feeling.

“As she was walking by the baby section where the diapers were, this man was still there and instantly she got chills all over her body,” she said.

Both times, the man was seen hanging around children's underwear and diaper sections.

“He would kind of take a lap, and he would kind of mosey through, and he really didn't have a purpose," the woman said. "He wasn't looking for something specific. He was just kind of hovering."

Other families have made similar complaints of a strange man at that Walmart. One mother said a man offered her daughter candy, and when she told the man no, he got aggressive.

Police say the man is believed to have a gold car, and they’ve been given the description of a heavy man with tinted sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Walmart says it's taking the reports seriously and sent us this statement:

"The safety and security of our associates and customers is a top priority. We are looking into the situation and will work with local law enforcement as necessary."

But until it's resolved, Scottsburg mothers are warning everyone to be vigilant.

“It does make you feel scared, because you don't know what someone might do,” one mom said. “ And like I said -- mom's intuition. If something sets your alarm off and gives you goosebumps, then there's probably something to it.”

If you notice any suspicious activity, you’re asked to call police.

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