LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kenneth Higgs came to The Healing Place eight months ago a broken man.

"I didn't have anything but the shoes I had on my feet, and I had them for a longtime," he said.

Higgs said his problems were both mental and physical, and on Wednesday, Higgs and other men at The Healing Place found out how much damage was done by their time on the streets.

Dr. George Quill, an orthopedic surgeon in Louisville, and his staff delivered more than 100 donated shoes and socks and provided what could be live-saving foot checkups to men in recovery programs. Dr. Quill has been volunteering his services at the shelter for nearly a dozen years.

"I like going to The Healing Place because I can take care of people who can't make it into my private clinic," he said. "In fact, two years ago, we helped an amputee get a new limb.

Laci Comer, Communications Specialist for The Healing Place, said the shoes, shocks and checkups are needed, but clients get more than that out of the annual visit from Dr. Quill.

"When you are on the streets, and if you are addicted, shoes are your last priority," she said. "You're looking for that next fix and not necessarily thinking about your health.

"We are thankful that he comes in every year to come in and give new shoes to our clients."

The Healing Place will continue collecting shoes and socks for anyone who wants to donate.

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