JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Cindy Kern just lost the person who taught her how to live.

"Dad was always a candidate for a good time," she said. "(He) always, always was looking to have a lot of fun."

Finding the perfect way to honor her dad's time on earth has felt like a tall task at times. But Kern thinks she's found the perfect way in Jeffersonville.

"This is where we're going to have his celebration of life," she said about Scott Funeral Home.

When she uses the word "celebration," she means it. It just so happens that Aaron Scott's funeral home just got its liquor license.

"We don't have an open bar during the funeral. We don't do that." Scott said. "It's going to be during the visitation at night or before the service."

Serving beer, wine and liquor in a funeral setting is part of a growing trend across the country, making a day centered around death more lively.

"You've always heard people say, don't cry for me," Scott said. "Don't come in and do a somber funeral. Celebrate my life or throw a party for me. This is kind of our way to it."

People around town are getting a kick out of it.

"I think it probably should've been done a long time ago," said Robin Vance, who live sin Jeffersonville.

At the same time, there are families who have that cousin or uncle who might imbibe a little too hard. Scott said his employees will constantly be watching for just that.

"The nice thing is we can control what we do with our own staff doing it, rather than bringing in someone else," he said.

As Kern continues flipping through the pictures and preparing for Saturday's service, she feels satisfied in knowing it will be the kind of goodbye her dear dad deserves.

"If he's looking down on us, he'll enjoy it," Kern said.

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