LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The FBI and Kentucky State Police raided a small town's police department.

It happened Monday at the Horse Cave Police Department, about 80 miles south of Louisville.

The FBI is not saying why it raided the police station, or what agents were looking for. 

"As part of an ongoing federal investigation, the FBI and KSP executed legal process authorized by a federal judge earlier today at the Horse Cave Police Department," David Habich with the FBI said.

Even city officials like Patrick Ross, Horse Cave's City Attorney, is in the dark. He said he does not know why the FBI is investigating.

"The city will cooperate fully with any investigation," Ross said. "We want it over as quickly and fairly as possible."

Ross said he believes the department was not functioning as of Tuesday.

Ricky Perkins, a Horse Cave resident, said he was not surprised at all to learn about the investigation.

"This police department has been crooked for years. I've lived in Horse Cave for 17 years, and it's about time they do something about them," Perkins said about the city's law enforcement. "I've seen people get mistreated by this police department."

Ross said as far as he is aware, no arrests have been made, and says he is not sure how long the investigation will take.

"The timeline is like other investigations," Ross said. "It's not going to be over very soon is what I've been led to believe."

For now, while the department is empty, KSP and Hart County Sheriff's Office will serve as the city's law enforcement.

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