SHANGHAI (WDRB) -- A toddler in China gets the blame for locking his mom's smartphone for 48 years, after repeatedly entering the wrong passcode. 

The Daily Mail reports that the 2-year-old was allowed to play with the iPhone to watch educational videos online. But when mom went to retrieve the smartphone, she found a notification saying she was locked out of the phone for 25,114,984 minutes.

That's about 48 years. 

The woman named "Lu" posted a picture of the locked screen in an online forum. You can see the Chinese characters warning that the phone was locked for 25 million minutes. 

The Shanghai Morning News reports an Apple store employee in Shanghai told her that every time the toddler entered the wrong passcode, the lockout time increased.  

Now, she has two options.  She can wait 48 years for the phone to unlock, or she can  wipe the phone and restore with her backup files. 

So far, the woman has waited two months looking for a solution. The Apple tech says that he's seen iPhones locked for more than 80 years. 

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