LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin, have gotten a lot of attention recently as prices boom.

With so many people wanting to invest, a local company is helping people navigate the new currency. For the founder, he's cashing in on a dream while honoring his father's legacy.

23 year-old Enrique Rodriquez spends his days in a tiny office staring at a computer screen. A year ago, his life looked a lot different. He was a full time student at U of L, while working overnight at UPS to pay for school. But when life took an unexpected and tragic turn he decided to make a change.

"This is one of the last things we talked about doing together," he said of his father, Josh Rodriquez, the late Jeffersonville councilman who died unexpectedly last year shortly after winning the seat.

It was a devastating blow for the younger Rodriquez who was incredibly close to his father.

"He was always telling me 110 percent. If you're going to do something, do it. So that's kind of the mindset I took coming into it, and it's really paid off," said Rodriquez.

Now with his dad gone and just 40 hours short of his degree, he left school and launched his own company: the Crypto Consulting Group.

For years, Rodriquez had dabbled in crypto-currency, brand new technology that's a mystery to most people.

The most notable crypto-currency is Bitcoin. At it's peak, one Bitcoin was worth nearly $20,000.

Rodriquez decided it was time to cash in on the trend. In the last year, the company has grown dramatically. He now has a CFO, several employees, an advisory board, and by his count, hundreds of clients, all looking to make sense of crypto-currency.

That opens the door for people like Rodriquez to make sense of it all. "We let them know the risk. We let them know the rewards, and we're very open about everything. And so we've been able to help people make some money, and help people get out of the market, when it's coming down," he said.

So how can you trust a guy in his 20s with no college degree and no background in investments with major money? The proof is in the payout. "It was around $3,000 that I put in and I've made as much as a quarter million," he said of his investments.

Still, Rodriquez is quick to point out he's not a financial advisor. Instead, he's helping people navigate the complex world of Bitcoin and its rivals.

"We're really at the very beginning, so this is really the best time to get the education and figure out what it is, before jumping to conclusions," said Rodriquez.

With his dad as his motivation, he's determined to capitalize on this investment. "I know he'd be extremely proud and happy I went through with it," Rodriquez said.

The Crypto Consulting Group hosts lots of events including introductions to crypto-currency and meetups. Click here for more information.

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