MIDWAY, Ky. (WDRB) -- In a busy world, tranquility is important. The rolling hills of the Bluegrass may be where your center awaits.

Those that live there seem to think it's the perfect place for a Yoga class.

"Namaste," said yogi, Rollins Mathews.

More like "Namast-neigh." Midway, Kentucky is home to what we are told is the first "Horse Yoga class" in the world.

"It was unlike anything I've ever done," added Mathews.

Downward dog (or horse), child's pose and sun salutation are all covered. The yogis do it, and so do the horses. Some of the stretching even happens on horseback.

The starting gate for this idea was a place close to the horse's hearts and stomachs.

"A horse has got to eat," Anthony Koch from Hallway Feeds explained.

They were looking for a new marketing idea. It was Derby time, and the thought was to come up with something to keep Kentuckians calm, in a time when the Commonwealth goes crazy.

"Our team said, 'what about a horse yoga retreat?'" Koch explained. "You know there's been goat yoga, and I'm sure there's been cat yoga, and some other things. I said yeah, 'we know a guy.'"

Horse master Dan James was the guy.

"So these guys here (the horses), they've actually done a lot of bizarre things over the years," said James. "This might be close to the top of it."

He does the training at Australian Equine Performance Center in Midway for TV and photoshoots.

"The size that these horses are, you can only offer and suggest, you definitely can't force this to happen."

Now, yoga has been added to the list. A viral ad made its way online, but Horse Yoga is for real.

"We're absolutely ready," Koch said.

He's talking about a retreat where you too can put on your leggings, and stretch it out with a horse.

Zen found for some yogis who have taken part in an experience that can be described as, "only in Kentucky."

"I couldn't have even dreamed of it," said Mathews.

The experience will set you back. It's $50,000 for a group of 10. In addition to all the stretching, you get an overnight stay in a swanky Lexington hotel, a private dinner with a James Beard nominated chef, and gifts.

You can book your treat here

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