Juul produces smoke free vaping products. They advertise as an alternative for cigarette smokers. Recent studies have shown Juul products are dangerous and might be more addictive than cigarettes.  Juul developed many flavors that have garnered the attention of kids. Recent studies show unde… More >>

You’ve heard the argument for years about paying college athletes just like the pros. Now California is taking steps to allow college players to be paid starting in 2023. More >>

Stop what you are doing and take a look at this picture.  Vandals created this hateful message over the weekend, but what happened next is inspiring. The threat of violence against police officers led to an outpouring of support for them instead. More >>

This week we mark the September 11th terrorist attacks. As time goes by, memories can fade, but we owe it to our country to never forget. More >>

History shows there always will a group of neighbors to oppose any progress, but that doesn’t mean what they protest will be bad for the neighborhood at all.  More >>

We have entered another political season, and this one will last for another 18 months. As voters, I want to remind you of a few basic things. More >>

As you may recall, little known actor Jussie Smollett faked an attack on himself to raise his profile and perhaps, in his mind, get a better TV contract.   More >>