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Many top SEC football teams essentially took last week off before their big rivalry games this week, by scheduling easy games against cupcake teams. While it may seem smart, it doesn’t seem fair to the rest of college football. More >>

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We’ve got a few random thoughts on the California fires, orange traffic cones, and a $14 million windfall More >>

My first Laurel goes to UPS and its Metropolitan College program, but a Dart goes to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. More >>

A plan being floated by a Kentucky State Representative proposes to do away with many of Kentucky's judicial elections by amending the state constitution to allow the governor to choose appellate judges from a list of three nominees provided by the state Judicial Nominating Commission.  More >>

He smirks about what he did. He treated women like objects, he disrespected their rights, he pawed them and made them look at his naked butt, he admitted it, and he got away with it. More >>