History shows there always will a group of neighbors to oppose any progress, but that doesn’t mean what they protest will be bad for the neighborhood at all.  More >>

We have entered another political season, and this one will last for another 18 months. As voters, I want to remind you of a few basic things. More >>

As you may recall, little known actor Jussie Smollett faked an attack on himself to raise his profile and perhaps, in his mind, get a better TV contract.   More >>

I really love this time of year.  People are just in a better mood and there seems to be a little more kindness in the air.  Even more than Thanksgiving, I feel reflective of the things I am thankful for at Christmastime. More >>

When other people make mistakes, I've been known to point them out on occasion, so I can't spare myself when we make a mistake, and last Saturday we made a big one. More >>