LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Life Up Lou campaign has a new theme song.

Mayor Greg Fischer debuted the "Lift Up Louisville" video on Monday caling it a "love song to my home town."

The song and musicians were organized by Louisville Orchestra Music Director Teddy Abrams. It features two dozen artists from different backgrounds from bluegrass to rock. Included in the long list of contributors are Jim James and Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket, singer/songwriter Will Oldham, cellist/composer Ben Sollee, Scott Carney of Wax Fang, percussionist Dani Markham, hip hop star Jecorey Arthur, gospel singer Jason Clayborn, singer Carly Johnson and others from Louisville's music scene

The new city song was commissioned by Fischer as part of the Lift Up Lou movement he launched in March, as the pandemic was shutting down the city. The campaign is aimed at uniting the city and keeping residents connected while social distancing guidelines are in place to fight against COVID-19.

In a news release, Abrams said it was a true collaboration. "Jim (James and Will (Oldham) added, swapped, and tweaked the words to get the final lyrics you hear. In another day or so, Jim crafted the melody that grounded the track. Once we had the basic structure in place, we started filling in the band, orchestra, and vocal elements that you hear on the finished track."

Proceeds from the song will benefit the One Louisville COVID-19 Response Fund, which helps city residents and nonprofits impaced by the pandemic.

Fischer also issued a challenge in the news release to other cities to come up with their own song. "The release of 'Lift Up Louisville' is only the beginning. We will be issuing challenges later this week to cities around the world to produce their own collaborations so we can assemble a beautiful musical montage of this moment in history to remember the way we embraced the arts to get us through the difficulties of this time."

Fischer thanked the musicians who he said found a way to collaborate from a distance.

The song is available for stream or purchase through independent local label sonaBLAST! Records.

Artists featured on "Lift Up Louisville":

  • Edward (Teddy) Abrams - Piano and music
  • Jim James (My Morning Jacket) - Lyrics and vocals
  • Scott Carney (Wax Fang) - Lyrics and guitar
  • Will Oldham - Vocals
  • Patrick Hallahan (My Morning Jacket) - Drums and percussion
  • Danny Kiely - Bass
  • Carly Johnson - Vocals
  • Sam Bush -Mandolin and vocals
  • Michael Cleveland - Fiddle
  • Jason Clayborn (St. Stephen Church) - Vocals
  • Sharron Sales - Vocals
  • Dani Markham (Childish Gambino) - Drums and percussion
  • Daniel Martin Moore - Whistle
  • Cheyenne Mize - Fiddle and vocals
  • Jacob Duncan - String/wind arrangement
  • Scott T. Smith - Vocals
  • Rayul Beatbox - Beatbox
  • Jecorey Arthur - Rap
  • Brigid Kaelin - Accordion
  • Gabriel Lefkowitz (LO) - Violin
  • Julia Noone (LO) - Violin
  • Kathy Karr (LO) - Flute
  • Matthew Karr (LO) - Bassoon
  • Andre Levine (LO) - Clarinet
  • Ben Sollee - producer (and Cello)

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