Jarrus Ransom

Jarrus Ransom was arrested last Sunday at a West Louisville Kroger.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man who was dragged out of a car and punched by Louisville Metro Police Officers has filed a lawsuit against the city.

Jarrus Ransom was pulled over by a LMPD officer in the Kroger parking lot on west Broadway last December. Much of the arrest of Ransom was caught on video.

According to an arrest report, Ransom was acting suspicious and allowed police to search his car just after 2 p.m. on a Sunday. That's when police say they noticed liquid on his pants, found an open Pepsi can in the SUV and emptied it onto the ground.

Officers say three pills fell out of the can, and Ransom broke from an officer's grip, rammed his shoulder into another officer and destroyed two of the pills. The report makes no mention of the punches. 

Ransom was pulled over because of excessive tint on his car, officers said.

The lawsuit, filed Friday, claims officers used excessive force during the arrest of Ransom. The officers named are Cory Evans, Kyle Carroll and Sarah Nicolas.

The video shows Ransom being dragged to the ground and then punched several times by officers. 

Ransom was originally charged with resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance, excessive window tinting and tampering with physical evidence. Those charges were either dismissed or Ransom was not indicted by a grand jury. 

"People have to go home and tell their kids they should trust the police. But can we tell our kids that when there are eight units there watching what happened to Mr. Ransom and none of them did anything? If there hadn't been any bystanders with video it would be his word against the LMPD," said Martha Eastman, Ransom's attorney. 

LMPD doesn't comment on pending litigation.

When the video first surfaced, LMPD Chief Steve Conrad opened a Professional Standards Unit investigation into the incident. That investigation is still open, according to Eastman.

No body camera video has been turned over to the plaintiffs. 

"I am concerned about people's reactions," said Sadiqa Reynolds, Louisville Urban League CEO at the time. "I am hopeful that the chief will do something to help us understand more clearly why certain choices were made, because it is very difficult at this point to defend what is shown in the videos."

Unrelated to this case, Ransom was charged in 2017 with resisting arrest. That case is still pending. 

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